Over the course of many years, dishonest timber buyers have set a low standard for the industry. This has caused many landowners to have a distrust for the industry and hesitancy to harvest their woodlands.

Because of this uncertainty, we developed our Timber Sale Program (TSP). With TSP, we educate landowners by way of transparent pricing and customized plans. Our detailed report of their woodland highlights the landowners' goals and the steps we propose to get them there. This gives landowners the confidence to make an educated decision for their land, even if they do not end up signing a contract with us.


  • Planning

We connect you with one of our Timber Specialists who will discuss your goals- whether you want a big check, manipulate deer habitat and improve hunting, or to maximize the long-term timber value. He will schedule a time to do an in-person inspection of your property.

  • Free Timber Evaluation

A Timber Specialist will travel to your property to evaluate the value of your timber. You are welcome to walk through the property together or just request the final report. If you choose to improve hunting or long-term value, he will mark the trees to be cut so you can visualize the final result. We measure and tally each tree included in the proposed harvest, and list all the information on a tally sheet, which is then given to you.

  • Receive Your Custom Report And Price

You will receive our best offer and a custom report within 24 hours of completing your timber inspection. The tally sheet is your property. You are free to use this information to compare offers from other prospective buyers, or to do nothing at all. Should you sign a Timber Sale Contract with Hillcrest Lumber, our per-day charge for marking trees is waived.

Receive 100% Payment

Once you accept our proposal, we pay 100% of the agreed-upon price prior to beginning the harvest.

  • We Get To Work

Harvesting timber involves heavy equipment, and though we have the utmost confidence in our timber crews, there is a potential for damage that always goes with it. If any damage occurs, we make it right.