The primary goals of an effective deer management and hunting plan are to provide everything a deer wants and needs in a way that reduces stress and promotes daytime movement.

To landowners who acquire property primarily for hunting, it may seem like they have to choose between managing for long term, sustainable timber growth and maximizing their deer hunting opportunities.

With careful planning a property can be successfully managed for both. Many of the tasks involved in managing a timber stand, including a well-planned timber harvest, offer tremendous benefits to whitetail habitat. And when those tasks are effectively integrated into an overall strategy for the property, maximum opportunities to harvest mature bucks are achieved. The key is to develop a plan based on an understanding of the habits and preferences of the mature whitetail.

For these landowners, our first step is a walk-through of the property to gather information about stand density, maturity, growth rate, quality and value of the timber, and how well the site is suited for growing timber. These details, along with the knowledge gained from many years of timber and whitetail management on our own property and others, give us the tools we need to help our customers achieve their goals.

We put that knowledge and experience to use in developing a strategy for the property, designing a plan that can involve:

  • Creating cover and browse by harvesting timber

  • Creating ‘bedrooms’ by hinge-cutting

  • Placing ‘micro’ hunting plots in strategic locations

  • Identifying stand sites

  • Increasing mast production from remaining trees

  • Increasing browse and security cover in strategic areas

  • Using skid trails and slash from felled treetops to create funnels for deer movement

  • Creating clearings for food plots

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