Since 1974, Hillcrest Lumber has earned a reputation for honesty, quality and integrity as buyers of standing timber. With experts in timber harvesting as well as woodland and wildlife management, we work to do more than just get the job done and hand over a check.

With our custom timber plans, we equip and educate landowners with the means to manage their forests to their highest potential. Transparency in our pricing and our methods provide peace of mind that many landowners do not expect because of the reputation other companies have created for the timber buying industry. At Hillcrest Lumber, the success of each landowner and their goals for their property are our top priority.

From timber harvesting across the state to milling lumber at our Apple Creek location, Hillcrest is dedicated to the responsible management of our valuable and versatile renewable resource: North American Hardwoods.

For us, stewardship of these resources means harvesting responsibly and getting the most out of every log.